What is Copy Trading and how does it work?

The simplicity of copy trading has brought hundreds of thousands of people closer to the world of investments. But be careful. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s that easy to be successful and make money.

It is a discipline that is accessible to everyone but to be successful you still have to become a professional. This free course, combined with the two below, will give you the foundation to start your investment journey as quickly as possible.

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What is copy trading and how does it work?

Copy trading, among the different types of investment instruments, is one of the latest generation investment disciplines, born thanks to Web 2.0. It allows the investor, even inexperienced, to automatically copy financial transactions carried out by one or more professional investors within a trading network.

Investors to copy can be selected both by observing their performance and by interacting with other investors within copy trading platforms (the best are eToro, IqOption and 24Option). Find on this site a complete and qualitative guide to the best brokers like Bdswiss.

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Copy trading is therefore a particular form of trading that is done by the investor not on the market but on traders who operate on the market (or even on a trader’s portfolio with eToro’s CopyPortofolio), trying to choose the one that best suits his needs in terms of risk appetite, investment return and other useful operational characteristics.

This new sector was born and developed mainly thanks to the Forex market and the use of MetaTrader platforms. Even today, Forex copy trading remains the most used sector, despite the advent of CFDs which allow for expansion into a number of other derivative instruments (stocks, indices, commodities, bonds, interest rates, etc.)

The social aspect of commerce

In copy trading, the user is no longer alone but is surrounded by thousands of investors who, like him, try to make the right choices and avoid following all those unprofessional traders, relying only on the best. This interaction between users can certainly be beneficial in some cases, but it shouldn’t be overestimated.

Would you take advice from someone who is no more experienced than you?

If you knew that a trader’s strategy is very risky, would you trust the positive votes of those who, up to this point, have made money but are unaware of the imminent danger?

Likewise, would you make the same choices as someone who has ten times your capital, without worrying about differences in weight and volume?

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The “social” attribute in social commerce can be a good thing, certainly innovative and, in a way, it can be an advantage over being completely alone, but you have to take everything very carefully and be clear about one thing.

It is not about commenting on your friends’ photos, sharing your thoughts with the world, discussing politics, your passions or, in general, interacting on a social network as you would every day. Here we are talking about social networks for commerce, we are talking about money. And money is a very serious thing.

When it comes to money, there are two solutions. Either you rely on the advice and choices of other foreigners, and with copy trading it is possible (but I have just shown you that it is very risky), or you learn to invest yourself, with professional methodologies and practices, and become the creator of your own fortune.

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Does Copy Trading Work? What are the benefits?

You have and will always have full control over the transactions that the trader of your choice will execute and over your money.

You will always be the owner of your trading account, you will not give your money to anyone, you will be able to manage every aspect of your investment and you will always have everything under control, at all times.

It’s not like you put your money in the hands of another trader, only to hear you say, at a certain point, “Sorry, it didn’t go as we thought, your money is gone”. You can control everything, and you can decide to continue, stop or change anything at any time.

This is a great opportunity, but it requires that you take full responsibility. The reward of this duty is that the return on investment (ROI) rates can be much higher than any other traditional method.

To be accountable for your success and achieve these results, you need to be well prepared and carefully study the lessons of this course.

But don’t worry.

Successful copy trading is not as complicated as doing Forex as a retail trader.

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