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UK Forex Managed Accounts are capable of generating large gains for the investor. Professional traders trade on your behalf in return for performance fee based on profits.

I have uncovered this UK managed forex account provider that has one of the of the most consistent traders trading for them who has generated a lot of profit.

In fact, if you check out his MyFxBook statement below, you will see that in a little over 2 years, he has achieved over 500% returns with only a very low 17% drawdown.

UK Forex Account Management
UK Forex Account Management

Typically, the minimum investment for his services is £50,000 GBP or equivalent, but if you are particularly interested in this UK managed forex account, please leave your details below for more information.

Why invest in a UK Forex Managed Account?

With the economy tanking by the day, it is only to be expected that worried people look to make a better life for themselves by playing the stock market or the forex currency trading market.

However, it should be only too obvious that dabbling in high finance could lead to amateur investors getting punished and losing everything they own. In light of this, it pays to limit the risks associated with financial speculation.

One particularly good example of this is the use of UK managed forex accounts.

As already stated, it is the current financial crisis that is driving many people into currency market trading in a bid to make ever so easy profits. In particular, individuals who have lost their jobs may well be risking the financial settlements they received.

While it may be terrifically tempting to dabble in currency dealing, is it really a great option in this day and age?

Forex trading basically involves buying and selling world currencies in a bid to profit from gains and losses in the values of those currencies relative to each other. For example, you could spend a thousand dollars to buy whatever amount of Japanese Yen you can get today.

If the value of Yen goes up next week, you’ll get more dollars than you originally spent if you convert your Yen holdings back into good old U.S. Greenbacks in a timely manner.

Needless to say, the value of Yen could also fall, so there is always the risk that the value of your holding of any currency could plummet like a stone!

With such volatility at least a potential threat with forex trading, a good workaround is to take a long hard look at managed forex accounts.

These managed accounts leave the decision about what to buy or sell to someone or something else. In the case of automated forex accounts, it is a top grade computer that sifts the currency trends and plumps for a particular buy or sell manoeuvre.

If you are unhappy about entrusting your financial destiny to a mere machine, you can always opt for a managed forex account in which the reins of power are firmly in the hands of a flesh and blood broker.

Brokered Forex accounts incur more fees, but they allow you to entrust your assets to an acknowledged expert.

For individuals with minimal financial acumen, this surely has to be a better bet than tapping a keyboard blindly with the handicap of a woeful lack of knowledge.

On the flipside, no broker under the sun can guarantee that you will never lose your shirt. For this reason, financial dealing of any kind should be ruled out for those of a very nervous disposition.

The risk of outright financial ruin is always there, which means your best bet – if you fear such a fate – is to refrain from forex trading and indeed any other kind of financial speculation.

Really and truly, forex trading is a matter for the individual to size up and make the appropriate decision.

Trading on this market has the potential to deliver handsome returns, but even with the protection afforded by managed Forex accounts, huge losses cannot be ruled out.

Whilst conducting your research, you have probably come across UK managed forex accounts that promise huge returns on investments and you maybe thinking why some accounts are better than others.

Well, this is why.

Some companies are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The FCA is the regulator for 56,000 financial services firms and markets in the UK.

Why is this significant?

Another Layer Of Security

This is important because it adds a layer of security for the investor. There are a number of UK managed forex providers, however, I urge you now to go and do your research on them and check if they are regulated by the FCA. You won’t find many.


Because it is so, so difficult to get regulated. Not to mention costly. Any company that is prepared to go that extra mile, (expense, time and hassle), to get regulated, really needs to be checked out.

When doing your homework on a managed forex company in the UK, see how many years their audit is for. Many don’t even have one. Those that do have one will have a two year audit at the most. 3 years or more is even better because it seems many accounts go down after 2 years.

Why is this important?

Well, it just proves that what you see is what you get. They can’t exhibit one figure on their website when in fact they have produced another figure. It shows that over the years, they have produced genuine profits on a constant basis.

It’s another layer of protection for the investor.

another layer of protection

Many UK forex money managers control many millions of pounds of investors’ money, assets under management (AUM). Theses services are responsible for managing your account by means of looking for trading opportunities and placing and controlling the trades on your behalf.

They use a variety of strategies that are all targeting the same goal. That goal is to help investors to connect and take advantage of the potential profits that can be garnered from the forex marketplace.


One of the ways that a quality UK managed forex account will let you keep in control of the risk to your money that matches your risk profile, is to let you personalise the risk by setting the amount of your funds that you would like to devote to trading.

You can decide upon the limit of drawdown which means that if your account balance reaches the limit that you have fixed, it will cease trading.

To give you an instance –

You fund your managed account with a deposit of £10,000 and you set your personal level of risk to 60%. This means that you are happy to risk 40% of the balance of your account. So, in this instance, you would be willing to lose £4,000 before your account ceases trading.

Losses are expected when trading forex and will happen to you. The market doesn’t always react the way that is predicted or the way you want it.

Having said that, the strategies that some managed forex accounts in the UK use will only place a small portion of your account to each trade, and this means that it would take a great amount of consecutive trading losses in order for your account to fall to 60%.

Forex Managed Accounts For UK
Forex Managed Accounts For UK
UK Forex Managed Accounts – Forex Fund Management UK

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