“Is It Possible to Pay Someone to Trade Forex for Me?”

I have heard that phrase many times during the time I have been involved with this website and my other websites.

The simple answer to this question is that, yes, there are companies that trade forex on your behalf.

The word “pay” is slightly erroneous because you don’t actually pay the company from your own money, the forex trader will get his payment from the profits that you make on your account. So yes, he gets paid because of you but it doesn’t actually cost you anything.

The type of investment that will get someone to trade for you is called forex managed accounts. Check out our sister site www.acorn2oak-fx.com/managedforexaccounts/blog/ukcitizens.html They are not widely known as they are a type of alternative investment and are therefore different from traditional investments such as insurance, savings accounts, bonds, mutual funds etc.


A managed account that will trade your forex account for you are becoming more and more popular year by year, mainly because ease of access.


Only a decade ago, it was only high net worth individuals and institutional investors that had a minimum of 100,000 dollars and more often 1,000,000 dollars to take part in this investment, and they had to be invited to join.

Nowadays, managed forex companies will trade forex on your behalf with as little you depositing a minimum opening balance of £5,000 or $10,000 dollars. Some companies will let you start with as little as $1,000, but I would be very aware of these companies as the will not be regulated by the regulating body, such as the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK.

Why Hire Someone To Trade Forex for You? A Little Background Information

In recent years, the forex market has become one of the largest liquid and fastest growing trading markets in the world. About $ 5 trillion dollars is expected to be exchanged in daily foreign exchange transactions, exchanged and paid at foreign exchange prices.

The bulk of trading has traditionally been large banks and multinational corporations that seek to minimise the impact of fluctuations in currency exchanges as professional fund managers

The emergence of electronic trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4 has made it possible for foreign investors to trade globally, and they trade around the clock, resulting in a very liquid and volatile market capable of generating huge profits as well as potentially large losses.

Forex is an incredibly complex market, influenced by many factors and very sudden movements and changes. It is important to be aware of market news, major economic news and further market fluctuations.

Various charts and technical analysis are available to help traders understand market movements and make decisions based on evidence and statistical modelling. However, in a poor world, learning how to effectively take all this information and make decisions on strategy and oversight is difficult if not your full time job.

Thus, more and more investors are turning to managed foreign exchange accounts and professional traders as a solution to participate in a potentially extremely profitable market and risk losses due to lack of time or understanding of the complexities of forex trading.

hands free investment

Interest in managed foreign exchange accounts is increasing from the early stages for many online forex brokers. In the last month alone, one of the leading brokers licensed to deal with the EU has noted an increase in the number of clients who are nominated from professional fund managers.

According to industry experts, if your account is run by someone who has a proven track record of trading and has excellent understanding and knowledge of the foreign exchange markets, this is potentially a great advantage.

Many traders have decided to hire a trader to trade forex for them because it is effective, like a shadow at work, and you have the opportunity to watch the expert trading your account, while you follow the markets and take away all the information available to you. This can be a great way to gain experience and speed up the learning curve without the risk of making many mistakes.

Trade Forex For Me

The challenge, as always, is to find someone who can do this effectively for you and who can provide ample evidence of successful trading history and experience, knowing that they will be right with their funds and seizing opportunities when they present themselves.

While many forex brokers actually manage accounts for retail investors, some provide fund managers with the ideal account management environment, as well as all the tools they need to effectively monitor their managed foreign exchange accounts on behalf of individual clients.

Fund managers are particularly interested in brokers who offer a high level of service, in particular on an individual basis, and some will prefer direct contact with an account manager without a commission or commission structure, allowing them to trade in the best conditions for their clients.

Some brokers also offer a variety of tools for managed currency accounts, such as the multi-account management tool or MAM and MultiTrader. Professional money managers also often become business partners for online forex brokers to generate additional income.

Can I Pay Someone to Trade Forex for Me? 2020

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