How To Start – Sign Up Here

You have an option here. If you would prefer to, you could get in contact with the trader here [email protected]

He will be able to explain to you which strategy he is using, show historical results and explain how the PAMM account works.

Otherwise, you can sign up if you follow the instructions below:

1. Open a live account at Key To Markets

First of all, you will have to open a live account at Key To Markets trading brokers. To visit their website and complete the registration, please click this link –

2. After opening the account login to the website

Login into the Secure Client Area on Key To Markets website. You can click the link to get there:

3. Verify who you are

You will need to verify your account. This is done by uploading your ID (passport, ID or driving licence), proof of address (utility bill or bank statement), and fill a short questionnaire.

4. Live trading account

Request to open a Live PRO USD account. Set the leverage to 1:100

5. Deposit your funds

After you have your profile verified and your account request gets approved, you can deposit funds into your account.

The currency that the PAMM account uses is USD, therefore you will have to deposit USD.

If your funds are in EUR, you could to also request a Live PRO EUR account and deposit your EUR into that one. Then you are able to exchange it to your Live PRO USD account at a Forex Spot Rate.

You will find that it is cheaper than exchanging your money to USD by your bank.

6. Joining to the PAMM

When you have funded your account, you can join to the trader’s PAMM by clicking

Enter your Account No. Password, Initial investment amount (USD) and choose the investment package that you want.

7. Contact with the trader and start

Once you have signed up, you will need to contact the trader here – [email protected]. He will need to confirm a few details before he starts to trade your account and he will also get Key To Market’s confirmation.

Trading will then commence.

It is only few minutes to open the account and possibly 1-2 working days to very the trading account, do the deposit.

Beside that you have the capability to stop trading any time you want. You can also increase or decrease the invested capital, there is no obligation or fixed term in for this PAMM account.

Talk with the TRADER

Talking directly with the trader is an advantage what you can’t get at a usual FOREX managed account. What can you get during the conversation?

  • You can understand why and how he trades.

-How the strategy was developed in the past and.

  • How he can publicate is at a regulated and transparent brokerage.

…and other unique question you have related to the PAMM account. Please fill out the form, and The FOREX Manager will contact you in 24-48 hours.

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