Hartswell Capital Review

Hartswell Capital Review

Hartswell Capital is an exclusive absolute return manager that is headed by a multi prize-winning portfolio administrator, that focuses in quantitative, systematic and technical investment approaches in a Global Macro situation concentrating on major marketplace currencies with active risk-management as the basis of all strategies.

Hartswell Capital reviews it strategies continuously, ceaselessly working towards improving its performance.

Initially founded in Belize in 2009, Hartswell Capital was one of the first to obtain a licence for asset management in that country before developing its business all over Europe as a consequence of its long term business expansion.

Their aim is to generate appealing, productive absolute returns in all states of the market via its systematic administration.

The emphasis is to bring about long term capital growth by keeping a highly diversified exposure to an array of worldwide currencies, hence generating an absolute return.

It receives investors who are seeking something a little bit different and want to include alternative investments as part of their portfolio.

Hartswell Capital has made sure that they can learn and adjust to any market state by understanding how to handle the risk and increase returns by means of its varied strategies in the G10 currency field.

Their past performance backs their confidence that the teams experience, technical and quantitative modelled strategies and also their market intelligence and knowledge acquired over the years, will constantly deliver a regular and first-class risk-adjusted return that can change within any state of the market.

They accommodate all clients bar the United States with the objective of offering an institutional quality of service to not only institutional investors, but also non-institutional investors by way of its MP – X systems and variations in MP-1 and MP-IP.

Hartswell Capital reviews all of its strategies and in recent times, the newly opened crypto managed trading facility.Hartswell Capital Growth

This allows investors a clear and open way of investing through segregated managed accounts by way of power of attorney designated to Hartswell. There are no lock-in times or limitations on clients investment/capital, they can gain access to their money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during which time Hartswell are constantly aiming for higher than average returns on clients investment.

Hartswell Capital is a strong advocate that appropriate dynamic risk management is the utter, most vital element in any strategy.

  • They target positive absolute returns over a yearly time period right through all states of the market.
  • They have a strong historical past performance since commencement at the same time as exhibiting true to risk volatility and high risk-adjusted yields.
  • A devoted forex team with uninterrupted market hours coverage throughout the world.
  • An active management of risk procedure employed to all strategies applied within the managed programs.

The following Hartswell Capital review was written by Edward Christopher – 8th June 2018

It is republished courtesy of fxmanagedforexaccount.com

My name is Edward Christopher and I have been a client of Hartswell Capital for nearly 3 years. I joined them in 2015 and since then I have almost trebled my capital.

I invested into MPX.

When investing I was a bit sceptical and started with a $10,000 account.

Not having traded before it was a little scary at times watching my account lose money and then for it recover it losses and make substantial returns.

If you are looking at investing in MPX it can be a bit of an up and down process. I have seen my account go from -20% to plus 30% in the space of a week, therefore you need to be prepared that the trading strategy is an aggressive and high risk strategy.

What impressed me most was they were able to provide me with a 3rd party letter, I think it was from a lawyer that had audited the results.

Also they have a cut-off point at 30%, therefore as my account now is nearly 370% times more than what I invested this means that should I see a reduction of 30% at any one time then trading will stop and my capital is preserved.

I have been so happy with the account that I have suggested to my friends and family to join.

At the time of writing this (June 2018) the last 6 months have been a bit flat and I did lose about 20% over December and January in 2018, however as I view this as a long term investment and my investment is still about 370% more than what I have deposited I am very happy with Hartswell.

If anyone is looking at joining Hartswell, I can’t recommend them enough but don’t join if you are looking for a quick return on your money as you need to be with them for a couple of years to reap the rewards of your decision.

Hartswell Capital Review

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