This is My Original Review

THANK YOU to The Complete Currency Trader team who have so graciously allowed me access to their professional forex trading course for 3 months so that I can perform a genuine assessment of it.

I am not an experienced forex trader, I’m a novice in fact. I have made some trades but I don’t know how to read charts or signals, and I don’t know many of the abundant terminologies. My primary interest in forex has been in managed forex accounts where professional traders trade on the investor’s behalf.

I had always wanted to learn a lot more about trading for myself so I have acquired a copy of The Complete Currency Trader forex trading course to see if it works for me. I have heard rave reviews about it so I am going to put it to good use and see if it is as good as all of the many testimonials say it is.

I thought that I would write an on-going review as I progress through the course. I want to do this as it is fresh in my mind and don’t want to forget anything.

My first thoughts are that the Complete Currency Trader interface is very easy to use and the training modules appear to be set out in a logical order. I don’t know much about trading forex, YET, but I can see that is quite clearly in sequence.

The Chapters

Course Introduction
Forex Knowledge
Understanding Risk
Your Forex Business
Money Management
Trading System
Trading Training
The Success Formula
Trading Software
Daily Trades

I have just spent the weekend reading all about forex. I have only gone through the first two chapters – “Forex Knowledge” and “Understanding Risk” and the thirteen modules that they contain. I am totally astounded by the depth of the content. It has been a real eye opener for me and I found it hard to stop reading, much to the exasperation of my lovely girlfriend.

I found that the modules start off gradually, slowly weaning me into the particular subject. Then the subject goes into much more depth with plenty of diagrams to illustrate the text. The subject is repeated over and over again in different ways so that if you find it hard to understand the first dialogue, the second and third explanation clarifies exactly what James is saying.

I kept on getting “eureka” moments, as the subject matter hit home in my head. “Now I understand”, “I’ve always wondered about that”, “yesss”.

Not to let those eureka moments go to waste, James integrates those newly found insights into one another and pieces them together, along with new subjects, so that they seamlessly develop your knowledge and understanding. Clever stuff.

It is a lot of new information to take in and I had to read some things a few times so that the penny dropped. This morning I checked out the videos, (I know it is out of sequence), but I felt I wanted to see the trading software in action. It was just a break really before going into the modules again. I will watch the videos again later on.

Right, I’m off to do those modules right now. Cant wait. Come back to see how I am getting on with my review of Complete Currency Trader forex trading course.

The first two chapters were about the theory side of forex, how things actually work behind the scenes. The third chapter is called “Your Forex Business” and it tells you how to treat forex as a business and not a hobby or leisure pursuit. It explains that setting up as a business makes you take it seriously and that the people that do set it up as a business had more than a tenfold increase of succeeding long term.

It goes on to explain that you need to set up a company, get an accountant and create a business plan. There is a template business plan in a later module, that is designed to give people who are new to setting up a business a helping hand in creating one. Obviously it will be slightly different because everyone has different needs and goals.

If I am honest, I didn’t expect to find this chapter on Complete Currency Trader, but I can see now why it is so important to the long term success of the trader.

The fourth module is about “Money Management”. It goes on to explicate that the primary purpose of money management is to manage the risk to a level which will let you ride out the worst case scenario in the short term, allowing you to achieve positive results in the long term. The system uses the percent risk strategy which means that every trade will have a risk to it of a set maximum percentage amount that you will set, typically 1%. This strategy has many benefits to it.

The next chapter is when things really start to get interesting. It is called “Trading System”. It describes how the system works, with the modules – “Entry Rules”, “Stop Loss Placement”, “Position Sizing”, “Open Trade Management” and “Exit Rules”. There are also modules on “Full Trade Examples” and “Trading advice/tips”.

James has already been through many of the above topics in previous sections but goes into an even more intricate detail with many examples and ways of expressing the same thing, leaving you in no doubt what he is saying. It does take time for it to sink in. I have read some parts numerous times and I will read them again at a later date to make sure I know everything inside out.

The sixth module is “Videos”. This has numerous videos from the London and New York trading sessions. They are about James actually using the Complete Currency Trader software to detect appropriate times when he would make a trade. He doesn’t actually make the trades but he demonstrates on the MetaTrader chart with the aid of a line, where he thinks the trade will end up.

He explains using the lines on the software as signals, how they diverge and how steep the lines go, meaning the trade is gaining momentum.

I am getting more and more excited about the prospect of making trades with the software that comes with this forex trading course. I am also quite nervous still. I guess I will lose those nerves later after James takes me through the actual hands on training. Looking forward to that.

It’s been a while since I last edited my review of The Complete Currency Trader. I have been so busy.

Anyhow, I have been working my way through the chapter, “The Trading System”. This is the section that I have been champing at the bit to get going on because it is where you actually learn how to place the trades.

There are 6 stages to this chapter. Basically, stage 1 is learning how to read and interpret the software. It is all about seeing how the charts and software function together, what the charts look like when the software changes. Stage 2 is about identifying movements on the software that you think represent a price movement in a certain direction, and then draw a line on the chart to see if the price moves in that direction. Stage 3 takes things a little further. This is where we actually enter trades on the demo account. The point of this stage is by using the software, to choose the correct price movement at the correct time to make a 10 pip profit. Stage 4 moves on again. It is basically the same as stage 3 but this time, a trailing stop loss is put into position, limiting the loss to a set amount. Stage 5 is another simple progression. Now the take 10 pip profit is removed so that any winners are allowed to run meaning unlimited possible profit and a fixed maximum potential loss.

Stages 1 to 5 are all about learning to place the trades. Stage 6 is a continual process with constantly changing goals and targets. It is about what you want from trading.

“The Trading System” can take months to finish. There are set goals for each stage to reach before moving on to the next stage. It is important to reach the targets set for each stage.

Once a trading opportunity presents itself and the trade is put on, a screenshot should be taken of the software and other details such as currency pair traded, opening price, stop loss price etc. This will become invaluable as time moves on so that in the future, these records can be used to see what makes the winners and the losers.

Check out a screenshot that I took of the type of info you need to keep.

It seems like a lot of trouble at the time. I found it a bit of a chore at first but I got used to it. It only take a few minutes to do. There are some great free screenshot programs out there.

This is the stage I am at right now as at 30th November.

I have learnt that it is so important to wait for the right time to put on the trades. I am an impatient person and want to lay trades all the time. However, I think the art of trading is to wait for the right time, to not trade, to be patient, however difficult it is. Putting trades on because of impatience is a sure fire way to be a loser.

Anyhow that’s enough for now. Please come back for an update on my review of The Complete Currency Trader.

Video is from a live Complete Currency Trader class that they do 3 times a week.

My Opinion of the Complete Currency Trader Course

The time that the Complete Currency Trader allowed me to have with the course has been fantastic. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have learned so much about forex in general. I feel I am lost without it and I will definitely buy the course when I can dedicate my full time to it.

The Complete Currency Trader training package was devised to guide and support existing and beginner traders through each and every facet of developing into a successful trader. This they achieve smoothly and effortlessly. Even in the few months that I have had the privilege to have the use of it, my results were not too bad.

I say not too bad, what I mean is, my time that I had access to the course was short so I was trying different things with it, experimenting with it really. I used different demo accounts to trade with and the percentage of winners that I had was in the low 40%’s. Even with all of the experimenting that I did, I didn’t lose much money, or percentage of my virtual trading fund, 5% or so. This was all due to the BRILLIANT risk management strategy.

You will not blow your account unintentionally with this strategy if you follow the system accurately. FACT

However, when I really focused on the correct procedure and waited for the best set up for right time to trade, my winning percentage of trades soared and I made some really good profit, albeit with a demo account.

This forex trading course contains all the essential or practical parts that are required to become consistently profitable. It includes exclusive analytical forex market software, expert tuition and coaching, a verified habitual trading procedure, comprehensive business development, a systematic training structure planned to lead you step by step through the each training phase and guidance and assistance from a professional trader.

Although the price may seem quite steep, I believe that it is a solid investment for people that are truly serious about putting the time and effort in to become a profitable trader over the long term.

It’s a Gem.

G’day folks.

Thanks for checking out my review of the Complete Currency Trader (CCT).

I guess that most of you are here because you have received an email about CCT and want further information on it, whether it is a scam, how it performs etc.

Good stuff, you are in the right place. It’s always diligent to get other opinions before jumping in and I will give my honest opinion. Just check out the rest of the site if you think that I won’t give my real thoughts if a program is rubbish.

Note: I am affiliated to CCT, although the training and system is free. I won’t get a penny from this review unless you bought something further down the line which isn’t necessary.

First of all, I reviewed Complete Currency Trader a few months ago and you can go directly to that review which is at the bottom of this page. I was able to do that review (when it cost $10,000 dollars), because James Edward and his team very generously granted me access to CCT for a few months to check it over. Those views will stand until further notice, that is until I get a chance to review the free product and whether the product changes drastically or not.

Alas, my time that I had access to CCT came to an end and I simply couldn’t spare the time to trade as a full time trader simply because I have too many things going on to do it justice, for the time being at least. The time that I had still gave me enough of an opportunity to realise what I was dealing with, (excuse the pun).

I was absolutely jumping for joy when I heard that this forex training program was going to be free to use. So I signed up to the program, again, and the following updated review will be an ongoing journal, just like the original one that I did a few months back.

I signed up for the free version of CCT and there was a video of James Edward welcoming me and introducing the system. I was told that I would receive the first training video at 8am the following morning.

James Edward is brilliant in the way he delivers the information, very articulate. There aren’t many free words, words that aren’t needed. Everything is perfectly constructed. His well-structured and clear form of delivery goes for all of his training. That is what I remember distinctly, and he is continuing in that vein.

As advised by Mr Edward, I was met with Video 1. The first week is about laying the foundations of forex. I don’t want to go into too much detail but the video delivers some stunning revelations. What 99% of people think about trading forex is wrong. These losing traders look for trading opportunities with a single currency pair chart such as EUR/USD. CCT shows us that that is a waste of time and that we should trade using the whole forex market, not one currency pair, and to use the overall strength and weakness of the currencies. Fantastic stuff.

I knew this from time I had the course but it is still amazes me and makes me realise what power and potential there is here. It is simple, eye opening and so logical.

I have been going through all of the other training videos that have been available to me up to this point, 7 of them. As far as I can remember from the original course, James Edward has left nothing out so far. The only things that are different are the facts that there is no hard copy of the training, and he doesn’t repeat every step over three or four times with illustrations to drill the point into your head. However, everything is all there. Just listen to the videos several times until you understand them.

Video 2 goes into further depth and shows evidence about what was talked about on video 1. It shows how the prices move and proof that the price will tend towards one direction than the other and how you can use this advantage to make profit.

Video 3 goes on about entry and exit strategies and that although entry price is important, it is just as important to get the exit right as well because it is the exit point that actually makes you the profit. It explains how to place a moving stop loss and leaving profits to run on giving the highest average profits.

Video 4 is about money management and position sizes. Money management is THE most important element of trading because without a solid strategy, it is highly probable that you will lose all of your money. This leads naturally on to how big your position sizes should be so that your money management strategy works for you.

Up until video 4 the emphasis has been on education and learning the theory behind forex trading.

Video 5 starts the more practical side of trading. It introduces the currency strength analysis indicator tool that comes with the course. It shows you the basics how the tool works and how to understand it. Here you will see all of the theory that you have learned being plotted on a chart, and how to spot a trend as it happens.

Between video 5 and video 6 there is a pause in the learning. You will be sent free gift to download to help you with your trading and a video showing you how to use it. This pause is also to help you get to understand and practice with the currency strength analysis tool.

Video 6 resumes with Stage 1 of the system training, a simple system that will show you what is possible using strength and weakness between the currencies. It will show you how to make a profit and the potential the forex offers. The system is built on facts, things that mean something real economics and mathematics and not some arbitrary chart pattern made by one currency pair.

It shows you the best time to trade and exploit market momentum during that time. It uses all of the knowledge that you have learned previously all into one place

Video 7 continues Stage 1 of training and shows you more examples of the system in operation and answers a lot of your questions. It is building upon what you leaned in Video 6. It explains to you that you have to be realistic and that you will receive losses but if you stick with the system long term, you will be a consistently profitable trader. However it does take hard work and dedication for you to achieve results.

Stage 1 training should be practised as long as possible so that you completely understand the system and become proficient at it.

Video 8 starts Stage 2. This phase is about getting to ready for the start of your trading session, it will teach you how to put together your positions sizes and how to carry out your order placement. This may seem very confusing but if you stick with it and watch the video more than once, it will begin to sink in. There are calculators on the website to help you calculate position sizes and clear instructions showing you how to place your trades on the trading platform.

Video 9 is the last trading stage, Stage 3, and after this video, you will have all the pieces of the puzzle of the system that will enable you to trade from the start to the finish. It will show you how to set the trailing stop loss along with lots of tips and advice.

Complete Currency Trader Review

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