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Forex managed accounts for US investors are few and far between, ever since president Obama signed The Dodd-Frank Act in 2010 to regulate financial markets.

Knowing that fact, and realising how difficult it is to invest in managed forex accounts for United States investors,  it certainly doesn’t lessen interest. It is quite amazing that visitors from the USA make up about 18% of all visitors looking for information on them.

% Managed Forex Accounts US Citizens
% Managed Forex Accounts US Citizens

I get a lot of emails from people from the US that want to invest in forex managed accounts and I have to say time and again that I can’t help. 


At this moment in time, there is one forex managed account that has come to my attention that will accept USA clients. 

The Chart Below Is The Performance Since The Start Of 2017

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Many people think the buying and selling of currency in the Forex marketplace is incredibly appealing. There is a certain type of person that is naturally suited to trading the forex market and they learn how to trade very quickly and create a lot of money. For most people though, it is a very difficult process that can be very time consuming and very costly to do.

The truth is, the majority of new traders are not successful and their hopes and dreams of financial independence are never realised.

Learning how to trade the FX marketplace successfully certainly can be accomplished but most people that have been learning trading skills for a long time still will not be able to make profits buying and selling forex. They will have studied hard, reading many kinds of books and undertaken a lot of educational programs but for all of their endeavours, they have ended up with a lot less money than what they started with.

Traders lose their funds for a variety of reasons. They have all of the abilities essential to make a killing, but the one thing that they haven’t managed to conquer is their emotions, and they fail to attain the proper mind set.

Greed and Fear in Trading

If the two powerful emotions, greed and fear, cannot be overcome by traders, they can bring about their downfall, even if they do possess all of the expertise to be a success. Embracing a trading mind set is elementary to becoming an effective day trader.

If you are unable to keep your feelings under control and achieve the right mind set, what possibilities do you have left if you are like the larger part of traders that are losing money and still want to cash in on the lucrative forex trading market?

Well, you might sign up for a managed FX account that has skilled professionals that do all of the hard work and undertake all the trading for you.

There are numerous positive aspects to initiating a managed currency exchange fund.

A managed forex trading fund can produce a lot of cash for you.
Every single month, a typical good solid account can generate a very good return of about 4% to 5%. With the best funds, you can profit from 8% to 16% each month with an opening capital of $10,000.

Risk Management

Any well run currency exchange fund will make risk management their leading priority, and as long as proper due diligence is undertaken, it is a secure and reduced risk investment.

The majority of accounts have a fixed drawdown limit that will stop trading if that limit is arrived at.

Drawdown limits fluctuate with different accounts. A good forex team can get a positive percentage of trades of 50% or so. The very top managers can top 80% of winning trades.

You can close your account any time you wish, and deposit and withdraw capital at any time since you will have control over your account. Trading firms are only permitted to trade on your behalf because you issue them with a limited power of attorney (LPOA).

They can only trade your account but can’t take funds from your account, performance fees aside. Trading firms are strictly controlled and certified by regulatory bodies and also have to be individually reviewed.

Information On Forex Managed Accounts For US Investors

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